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    Changsha xili nanometer lapping technology co., LTD. Is located in changsha, ningxiang jinzhou industrial park, is a company mainly engaged in nanoscale dispersion grinding, crushing, ball mill and r&d, production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Within the field of nanometer lapping has a professional r&d team and exquisite manufacturing technology, professional to provide customers from the initial material status to the nanoscale dispersion grinding one-stop solution!

    Company products are mainly used in lithium electric material (lithium iron phosphate, cobalt acid lithium, etc.), silicon powder, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, ink, paint, medicine, food, biological, chemical and other areas of nanoscale materials.

    Company will continue to be engaged in the material of ultrafine grinding and dispersing technology research, in order to catch up with international advanced technology is our persistent goal, nanometer material grinding dispersion technology research and development for China and to increase the detection capability, contribute their strength!


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