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    Zirconia ceramic beads

    型号:ZrO2, 94, 35 % Y2O3: % 5d

    Xili zirconia ceramic beads are all manufactured by the German factory, perform the German industry standard system, adopting 3 mol % yttrium oxide as stabilizer, high purity, high strength, high density, low acid alkali, abrasion resistance and little wear and tear on the equipment, etc. Especially suitable for sand mill of battery raw material, silicon powder, ceramic powder, magnetic materials, electronic pastes, pesticide, medicine, food and other fields of the dispersion and grinding.




    Xili zirconia ceramic beads model    ZY - E                 version: V6/2016

    Product data form 

    Date of production: 2016-03-03 update date: 2016-03-03

    Inspection date: 2016-03-02 print date: 2016-03-03


    Xili ceramic beads model ZY - E


    Yttrium stabilized zirconia


    Battery raw materials:


    The paint industry: 


    Ceramic industry: 


    The environmental protection industry:

    Cosmetics industry:

    Pharmaceutical industry:

    Xili beads ZY - E under normal use, the abrasion is extremely low.

    - batteries ultra-fine crushing and scattered

    - for the positive and negative nanometer lapping in the process of raw materials processing, such as lithium battery crystallization and pure raw material in the process of production. Accurate roundness and smooth and polished surface is helpful to the low wear rate. 

    Grinding and dispersing technology - coating systems, such as automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, soaking paint, industrial paint, wood coatings, coil coatings.

    - organic/inorganic pigments, such as titanium dioxide, ocean, ferric oxide, etc.

    - pigment grinding and dispersing in the textile, plastics and food

    - electric ceramic grinding and processing, such as barium titanate, piezoelectric ceramic, sensors, condenser.

    - enamel paint processing.

    - medical technology, such as teeth and artificial hip joint

    - magnetic ceramics and ferrite.

    - technical ceramic components, such as engine exhaust machine technology.

    - spread of fungicide, herbicide, pesticide.

    - pigment and solid lipstick, skin and grinding of sunscreen

    - active substance and supply the nanometer lapping in the process of production.




    - high density of 6.05 kg/LTR

    - high abrasion resistance and strong resistance to tearing, depends on the ball grinding process, about 40 times better than zirconium silicate bead, is 70 times better than glass beads

    - to achieve the longest work time.

    - low pollution, thus can be used in high-grade paint, dye, pharmaceutical and cosmetic grinding

    - can be applied to various types of grinding machine and high energy milling machine (including vertical and horizontal)

    - the fine crystal structure, to avoid the beads is broken, and reduce the wear of the mill parts

    - not radioactive compared with zirconium silicate bead, so there is no pollution of abrasive products, and do not require expensive processing costs.

    - comply with 1935/2004 / EC (food) legislation.

    Technical data


    The density of 

    6.05 kg/ltr

    Young's modulus  

    215 GPa


    >1400 HV 10

    Roundness (standard)

     ≥ 0.96  (width/length ratio (minimum/maximum)



    Food legislation assessmen

    Ceramic beads ZY - E will conform to the consumer the consumer food, with reference to the German food law § 2, clause 6.1 (LFGB) and feed regulations. So in line with the requirements of law.

    Ceramic beads ZY - E is in Germany's food § 31 and feed regulations (LFGB) 1935/2004 / EC of the European food regulations of article 3.

    Xili zirconia ceramic beads model    ZY - E                 version: V6/2016

    Product data form 

    Date of production: 2016-03-03 update date: 2016-03-03

    Inspection date: 2016-03-02 print date: 2016-03-03

    Special standard size (diameter)


    The diameter of

    Packing density

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.10 – 0.20 mm

    3.62 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.20 – 0.30 mm

    3.62 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.20 – 0.40 mm

    3.63 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.30 – 0.40 mm

    3.63 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.40 – 0.50 mm

    3.64 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads

    0.40 – 0.60 mm

    3.64 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.60 – 0.80 mm

    3.66 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    0.80 – 1.00 mm

    3.66 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    1.00 – 1.20 mm

    3.67 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    1.20 – 1.40 mm

    3.68 kg/l

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    1.40 – 1.60 mm

    3.69 kg/l

    Special diameter requirements


     The diameter of

    The density of

    Zirconia ceramic beads 

    max. 1.60 mm


    Chemical composition: yttrium stabilized zirconia beads 

    The name of the 


    Ratio (reference)



    Yttrium stabilized zirconia (1)


    99.70 %




    DIN 51001

    0.30 %



    (1) solid solution phase, including: zirconia ZrO2 + hafnia HfO2 (2) : 94, 35 %; Yttrium oxide Y2O3: % 5 d, analysis of reference to DIN 51001. 2) the natural sources (zircon sand processing raw materials)

    Heavy metal content in the allowable range, follow the standards of the eu 2011/65 / EC (RoHS)

    Lead, cadmium < < 1000 PPM 100 PPM chromium VI < < 1000 PPM mercury 1000 PPM

    Other information

    Storage environment

    Under room temperature stored dry in closed containers.

    Waste disposal

    Please refer to the national law or local laws and regulations, carry out waste disposal or landfill.

    Safety instruction

    Product overflow, produces the high risk.

    Product information

    With reference to xili beads model ZY - E safety data table




    Origin of seller

    Sigmund Lindner GmbH; Oberwarmensteinacher Strasse 38; 95485 Warmensteinach


    Phone: +49-9277-9940    Fax: +49-9277-99499


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